Star Pets

We love all of out patients and believe they are all stars. One pet is featured each month so that we can demonstrate the variety of work that we do.

Jett Hutchinson Star Pet May 2014 

Jett has given his owners a busy month. His owners had woken up to find him with blood dripping from his eye, not that Jett was bothered by this at all. He was far too interested in trying to explore the consult room than allowing the vet to have a close look at his eye. His third eyelid just wasn’t looking right. Jett stayed with us for the day and with pain relief on board we established he had just torn a bit of his third eyelid. Though it sounds dramatic, all that needed to be done was to trim it and the rest would heal itself. His gentle temperament allowed us to do this conscious. He was discharged with pain relief and plans are to ‘keep an eye on him’ at follow up checks.

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