VIP Pet Club

The easy way to budget for your pet’s routine preventative healthcare


Our VIP Pet Club enables you to budget for your pet’s routine preventative care, gain discounts on

some veterinary procedures, retail purchases and pet resort. It is an annual scheme, which can be paid for by monthly direct debit.

The VIP Pet Club is suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits, and we offer a number of options depending on the life stage of your pet.

In addition to the VIP Pet Club, we also offer the Consult Care Plan offering unlimited ill/sick pet consultations between 9.15am and 4.50pm Monday to Friday*

*Terms and conditions apply

Exclusive Benefits For VIP Pet Club Members

Joining the VIP Pet Club provides your pet with exclusive benefits and discounts. Join today and you will receive these benefits:


Learn More About Each Pet Club

Find out more about each pet club, tailored to meet the ongoing healthcare needs of your pet at various stages of their life.

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Download the VIP Pet Club Terms & Conditions