Pet Passports

The rules for bringing your pet dog, cat or ferret into the UK have changed (January 2012)

A valid Passport allows owners to take their pets on holiday without quarantine on their return to the UK.  It also acts as an export certificate for animals that are going to live permanently abroad.

You must answer ‘yes’ to the following questions for a Pet Passport to be issued:

The following applies to pets entering the UK from EU Member States and approved non-EU countries

  • Is your pet microchipped?
  • Is your pet currently vaccinated against rabies?
  • Was your pet vaccinated after it was microchipped?

Once these have been done a Pet Passport can be issued and your pet can enter the UK 21 days after the vaccination against rabies

For non-approved countries the additional requirements are necessary:

  • A blood test must be taken at least 30 days after vaccination

Once this has been passed by your vet a passport can be issued.

There is a waiting period before entry to the UK of 3 calendar months from when your vet took the blood samples which led to a satisfactory result.

Other requirements for Re-Entry

The pet must be treated 1-5 days prior to re-entry into the UK with a specific treatment to kill tape worm. This must be administered by a registered vet in the holiday country who will then stamp and sign the passport.

How long is the passport valid?

It is valid for the life of your pet but they will need a rabies vaccination booster within 3 years of the first vaccination and every 3 years thereafter. The vaccine must be entered on the passport and signed and stamped after the chip is checked.

Some EU countries insist on yearly rabies vaccines if you are a resident in these countries.  Please ensure you enquire what the local regulations are to ensure you comply. It is worth checking with the country you are visiting before travelling.

Health care when abroad

It is advisable to protect your pet when abroad from Ticks, Mosquitoes and Sandflies as these may carry new diseases to your pet.  We can advise on what treatments are available.

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