Please insure your pet

One of the most distressing situations is when the pet’s illness is curable but unfortunately the cost is too high for the owner, resulting in a much loved pet being put to sleep. A less serious situation can occur when the owner has to opt for the second best treatment available for their pet, owing to money restrictions.

Pet Insurance will cover the cost of accident and illness so giving you peace of mind.  There are a few details you should consider when choosing pet insurance:

Be careful to check that the amount of the veterinary fee cover is adequate. Over time, a single illness can cost many hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Check that there is no limit on how long you can claim for each illness.  Chronic conditions can go on for life, not just for 12 months.

Check that your pet will be covered in later years when they are most likely to need it.

Like your home and car insurance, pet insurance will have an excess which you will pay for each condition.  Vaccination, pregnancy, diet and most preventative care (eg flea products) are excluded. Some companies offer a pensioner or multi-pet discount.

Our staff will be able to advise you on what to look for when choosing pet insurance.

For further information, please view our information sheet about choosing insurance

Our only interest as a veterinary practice is to ensure we never compromise the quality of veterinary care on the basis of cost.


These direct numbers can be used for customers wishing to discuss an insurance claim with their designated claim administer, who will be responsible for their claim from beginning to end.

Laura – 01332 548929

Claire – 01332 548901

Amy – 013320548902